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Honoring Maria Pepe

Honoring Maria Pepe

This weekend in Hobroken, New Jersey, over 100 girls will be playing baseball and not softball in different age categories and teams for the Maria Pepe Baseball Series sponsored by Baseball for All.

To those who may not know, Maria Pepe is a hero for all girls who won the right to play little league baseball with girls in 1974.

To honor Maria Pepe for her courage to stand up for the rights for girls to play little league baseball in 1972, I wrote a short poem dedicated to her:

Honoring Maria Pepe

In 1972, Maria Pepe played little league baseball with boys

As an outstanding outfielder, she caught fly balls and tossed hard grounders

One day, Maria was told firmly to give back her uniform as she was no longer allowed to play because she was a girl.

A girl, she was, but old-fashioned thinking felt that girls are not as strong as boys

“She can get hurt and maimed”, said the naysayers.

“Non-sense!” said the Women Organizations of her day. On her behalf, the National Organization of Women fought for her civil rights to play.

A big monumental victory by the Superior Court of New Jersey ruled in her favor!

In December 1974, President Gerald Ford signed the law to unequivocally allow all girls to play little league baseball in the USA.

Remember Maria Pepe as a brave pioneer who courageously stood up for girls to play baseball with boys.

Copyright (2019)

By Robbin Miller

Author of “Breaking Barriers: A Girl’s Dream to Play Little League with Boys”.