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Challenges of Self-Publishing!

I wrote this post in 2013 and reblogged it again in 2019. Since then I have 25 books self published and still going strong. Is this the best way to go? Who knows? If Disney contacted me tomorrow I would jump at the change to have them work with my books. But until then I am on my own and doing everything from writing, editing, publishing, promoting (with Theodocia’s help)and marketing all my books. It’s not an easy rode to travel but I do it willingly because I love what I do. Do you love writing?

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Blessings & Hugs!

Janice Spina

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HI all.  I am new to this site and I look forward to chatting with you about your writing

I have four books on Amazon. I mainly write in the historical genre, although I do have one fantasy entitled Amulet of Darkness that is part of a box- set with 20 other authors.  The set is a limited edition and the price is only $.99 

I currently finished a time travel that goes back to 1850 to the California Gold Rush. I'm pitching it to a publishing house and hopefully, the book will be out shortly. 

I live on Long Island NY.  I love going to New York just to soak in all the culture. 

If you love the paranormal, if you love to lose yourself in a fantasy world, if witches and shape-shifters are your thing.... then check out the Fire and Ice box set and fire up your imagination! USA best selling authors and award-winning authors are part of 21 authors who have contributed to this set, so go to and get your set today!

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The first time I heard my Brother Pat’s war stories we were in his truck heading north for the hunting cabin. I sat there in awe, listening and feeling very proud of him. It had taken him years before he could talk about it. Maybe, I thought to myself, he needed those years to let the pain of some of those memories fade. I never realized before just how close I came to losing him. I thanked God for he must have been watching over my brother.
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