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Martha A. Cheves
5.0 out of 5 starsThe name says it all!

October 23, 2011

"As I read Bullets and Bandages I realized that the war horrors produced by Hollywood is nothing compared to the real experiences these men and women actually went through. Author Saniscalchi has captured on paper the events and stories that his own brother experienced as he served in the military in Viet Nam. He allows you to feel the bond of friendship that forms between yourself and your buddies. You experience the strength of their will to survive and the strength of true fear. But most importantly, their understanding of the importance of God in their survival."
5-Stars A Realistic Portrayal of The Vietnam War From a Medic's Point of View 
By W. H. McDonald Jr.
"Rarely, if ever, can non-veterans write and create any kind of realistic tale about combat and capture the subtleness and the fullness of the emotional and spiritual chaos related to battle. Author Robert Saniscalchi is certainly one of the exceptions and he apparently listened very well (Not only with his ears and mind but with his heart!) to his brother's stories about his tour in Nam. This is a first rate tale as seen from the point of view of his leading character, who is a combat medic. We are treated to a moving fictional account of what it was really like in Vietnam. The book "Bullets And Bandages" has already created some good "buzz" from those who have read it."

Robert is an author,writer, and reader of the known and unknown. He has a passion for using his imagination, and writing from his heart to create stories his readers enjoy. Robert is the author of the acclaimed books- The original story that is- Bullets and Bandages, the fictional thriller-My Life,For Her- now in enhanced edition, and his newest story- Freedom's Light. Robert enjoys the great outdoors, he truly believes, "The best things in life are free."
Robert is an active member of a variety of online writing and reading communities. He invites you to visit his author's webpage at <a href=""></a>