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Challenges of Self-Publishing!

I wrote this post in 2013 and reblogged it again in 2019. Since then I have 25 books self published and still going strong. Is this the best way to go? Who knows? If Disney contacted me tomorrow I would jump at the change to have them work with my books. But until then I am on my own and doing everything from writing, editing, publishing, promoting (with Theodocia’s help)and marketing all my books. It’s not an easy rode to travel but I do it willingly because I love what I do. Do you love writing?

Here is the link to the post on my blog https://jemsbooks.blog/2019/02/04/the-challenges-of-self-publishing/

I hope you enjoy reading this post and will check out more of my posts at https://Jemsbooks.blog. 

Blessings & Hugs!

Janice Spina

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